The heart of St. Louis is alive with those who live here and others passing by.  From Magnolia to Eichelberger, The Crown District is our brick and mortar commitment to Saint Louis, South City and our community.





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Located less than a mile from Tower Grove Park in South City, St Louis, is a private event space designed for intimate gatherings — from weddings and milestone celebrations to corporate entertainment & community events — all with turn-key amenities, comfortable ambiance, and quality service. It’s a place where you can leave your stress at the door and share in a custom-tailored experience built on excellence.


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G & W Bavarian Style Sausage Company are two cousins, Bob and Gerhard Wanninger. They are descendants of Helmut and Henry Wanninger, brothers who emigrated from Regensburg, Germany to St. Louis, Missouri in 1965. Helmut and Henry are the sons of a 2nd generation German Sausage Meister in Bavaria.


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Garcia Companies is a group of family owned businesses consisting of a full service residential real estate brokerage, a property management company, development & construction companies and a residential mortgage team. They live and breathe all things real estate as advisors, not salespeople.


"When I started AJ Adhesives in 1992, it was going to be in the City limits of St. Louis. In 2004, we moved from Downtown St. Louis to our current location on South Kingshighway.  We completely renovated the offices and warehouse and have loved being here since day one. The neighborhood has been safe thanks to the 2nd District Police Officers. The location is quickly accessible to all highways and there are many restaurants to choose from on The Hill and on Kingshighway. As a resident of the City of St. Louis, we support the community and I love to “give where you live.”  Living and working in the South Kingshighway neighborhood has been the best for raising my family and growing my business.

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Andy - AJ Adhesives, Inc

“When searching for our first brick and mortar office, we chose the Crown District because of its location, entrepreneurial community, and commitment to our city.”

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experience fresh

We strive to be a welcoming space that spreads love to South City. Our baristas represent the city that we serve in, and we give back to our local community, our home.

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Cindy - Starbucks,
The Crown District
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